Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's The Point?

Some people are idiots. Here are a couple. --Amar

Dear Sparkitors:
Remember - this is the same as my last post in that when I say that the human race are idiots, I am, of course, excepting certain members, like Sparklers.

I love people who do stupid things. It makes life so much more amusing for the rest of us.
Marketing people are experts at screwing up big-time. So much so, it should be an Olympic sport. I can imagine the headline: "Marketers Compete to Screw Up Products In This Year's Summer Olympics". Now that would make me even more excited for the Olympics.

But you'd be surprised how often it happens, when they aren't actually trying to mess up to win fame and fortune and prestige. So here's a couple pictures of some products that will make you scratch your head and scream, "What were they thinking??"

This one I took in the bathroom at a hotel we stayed at. So, what's the point of the toilet??

The company sent us a replacement pole for the leg of our table. On the right, the pole. On the left, the box they sent it in. Not in the image: 3 thousand packing peanuts. And we wonder why the environment is dying?

This I got from the magazine Consumer Reports, which, erm, I, ummm, do not read because I am not a nerd (well, I am, and I do, but...). Read the highlighted part.

Sometimes, you just have to wonder how the human race has managed to survive this long when so many members of our species are such idiots.

Don't you feel proud to be a human?
What other stupid things have you seen people do?


  1. Haha, I love this post! People most definitely can be idiots...

  2. Dude. WHY did SparkLife reject these posts?

    I love all of them here! (:

  3. a couple of posts were rejected because they were too long. but other than that, I don't know why they were rejected.