Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sparknotes has badges, and I was kinda thinking of having some. You can make some, and there's a fairly good chance they'll get used.

Possible badges:
all posts
to go over top of pictures at the beginning of posts
We can follow the same kind of setup as sparknotes by using categories like life, school, digital, books, and music. We can also have an advice section if someone wants to give advice. I won't be doing it since I'm awful at giving advice.
Rejected Cute Thing
Our version of cute thing of the week. I'll be starting this soon.
Want a series? Just ask and send me the posts. If you want to create your own badge for your series, all you have to do is make one. Or if you lack artistic talent, you can bribe someone to make you one. (I accept cookies.)

If you have any other suggestions, that'd be great. (Suggestions of any type)

Also, if you create a background image, just email it to and I can get it posted.