Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marching Band Camp

I'm gonna start out with the first post so I can figure out how I want to do this.

School and football are about to start. For my sister and me, this means that we have band camp. This is the story of our first day.

Noon I lost the sheet that had the times for camp. So I had to text my friend to see how long it would last. I'm thinking it will be an hour, maybe two. No. He told me camp is from 1 to 5.
12:15 My alarm goes off to remind me to leave.
12:30 My sister and I start walking to the school. By the time we get halfway there, I realize I forgot my water bottle. Which is unfortunate in 95 degree weather (heat index 111).
12:40 We get to the school. We head to the band room, which is one of the only rooms with air conditioning at our school. My sister and I sit down next to each other (We are the type of sisters that actually get along...most of the time).
1:00 After sitting in the band room for about 20 minutes, I finally cool down. The teacher takes attendance and gives a few announcements. He tells us we are scheduled until 5:30 but if  we get thing done, we could leave by 4:30.
1:20 We finally start playing. We were supposed to start at 1:00.
1:40 After practicing the national anthem and the school song, we start playing songs from Green Day.
1:55 We have an extremely strong low section. I was sitting right in front of them, and it got loud. This resulted in many shouts of "I can't hear you!" to my sister.
2:17 We start playing Lady GaGa music.
2:24 The band starts playing Bad Romance. I get lost from the very beginning and I fake played for the whole song. When we finish, I realize I was playing Poker Face. *facepalm*
2:26 My sister finally stops laughing at me.
2:34 We start the next song. My sister turns to me and asks, "Do you have the right song this time?" I resist the urge to growl at her.
2:45 We finish the music rehearsal for the beginning of camp.
3:05 The band meets outside to practice parade marching. We do the basics: forward, backwards, left, and right.
3:45 Some one gets faint from the heat. They get to sit out. I want to tell the drum majors that I'm too hot and I need to sit out, too.
3:56 We head back inside and start playing Lady Ga Ga again.
4:22 The teacher complains that his stool is too short. He wants the towel stool because it is taller.
4:23 We have stopped playing and the teacher starts giving announcements. We all think camp is over, so we all start packing up our instruments.
4:24 The teacher tells us that we are not done yet. Everyone groans.
4:28 The teacher finally finishes announcements. We play the school song again.
4:35 We are finally done! With 25 minutes to spare! We all had to sign a letter for another school.
4:37 We leave the building. My sister head home where I plan on standing in front of the freezer with the door open.

Band camp was equal parts of playing and marching mixed with a lot of hoping we get out early.

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